“Koroneiki variety”

A companion loyal to consistent grower

It is no coincidence that 6 out of 10 olive trees in our country are of this variety, nor that it is the variety of choice for the olive groves of new olive-producing countries such as the United States. However, the Koroneiki variety has also another almost magical property: it adapts to the microclimate of each region and gives olive oil with a completely different combination of flavors and aromas in every place. Always strong, always tasty and of high-quality, but with one more distinctive feature, always charming.

This is the variety we chose for our estates, and the result, the extra virgin olive oil “Heffisto”, is the proof that it was wisely chosen.
The Koroneiki variety loved Limnos, is nourished by its volcanic soil, it watered from its healing waters and gives its best to every fruit, every drop of its natural juice.
What you will find well protected on the “Hefissto” packages.

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