Hefisto from Lemnos, where else?

The estate of our family is such an inescapable expression. But the choice of olive, is our little innovation. The olive grove we created was a charming challenge, as this ancient Greek crop is rare on the island. We have the ambition to offer a special and equal olive oil to the best, and the determination to do what is needed to outperform them, following the steps of the philosophy of Limnos.

A “flourishing” spirit and culture

The culture in Limnos is not surprising, as if it also found ground fertile to flourish. It has been blooming for centuries and has been building ancient cities. Organized and wise societies that, in addition to the land, cultivate the spirit and the body. The steps of gods and heroes, the Achaeans, the Argonauts and the Byzantines, are mingled with those of everyday people in a dynamic and perpetual balance. Having Limnos as one’s place of origin is a legacy and a responsibility. The need for creation is in its cells, it needs to the expressed.

A fertile land of fire and sea

Even the simplest of things have another dimension here. The land of Limnos is a medicine known since antiquity, as well as its waters. The weather here knows how to create the conditions, and people have learnt from one generation to another to handle these gifts with art and wisdom. Fields with rich crops and fruits that reach to the raging waves on its wonderful beaches. Vineyards full of magical juices and flocks grazing free to give the exquisite cheese varieties, inspired and unique, like the people who live here, becoming one with this rare nature.

Born from the volcano, a divine place.

The strong personality of the island was incarnated in the imagination of the Greeks as the ideal place for the most productive artist of the twelve Olympian gods: the house and workshop of Hephaestus, the god who reciprocated the hospitality offered to him humbly, transmitting the knowledge of his art. A rocky, almost naked, land, but so fertile. He was violently born by the volcano’s impetuous fire.
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